One Night On the Moon

One night last week during my weekly visit to the moon, I came upon a boy and a chicken. They seemed to be having great fun so I asked them if I could come along.

“Yes! Of course!” they exclaimed. “Hop right on!” And so I did.

My sidekick George was a bit skeptical at first but she couldn’t resist the possibility of an unforgettable experience.

We sledded the moon till morning came- only it’s never really morning on the moon so we just sledded and sled always.



New Year’s Eve

Just downloaded J Lo’s “Get Right”. Apparently it’s been out for 3 years but I heard it for the first time at the winter camp dance a couple of nights ago. I’m obsessed. The camp theme song was my discovery- Muscle’s “Ice cream”. Genius.

It’s New Year’s Eve. Today I led tubing, fusion beads, climbing and yoga. I had pink yogurt with corn pops and granola for breakfast, tomato soup and grilled cheese for lunch, and turkey burgers with chocolate cake for dinner. There’s a party at the Lakehouse tonight- aint kissin’ nobody.

Christmas Day

It’s Christmas day… fed the birds again- ate a lot. I’ve been thinking about Griffin, downloading music and writing about my paintings so in case I die, my critics will have a clue and give my “playful compositions” some goddamn credit. Winter camp starts tomorrow. I hope I recognize all the people I should. I look like a real jerk when I don’t know people after I’ve told I’ll never forget them.

My Bird Friends

It’s Christmas Eve. Georgie’s gone to Beth’s so I have feed the raptors (birds of prey) alone tonight. The raptors live in a little shelter behind the infirmary and in front of Biscuit Creek. There’s really a lot that can go wrong in the dark by myself and who will hear my cries over the roar of the water when the dead camper ghosts come for me?

I have four buckets of thawed mice to bring to each cage. These buckets are currently in the god-forsaken infirmary… Surely I’ll be alright. The hawks will protect me but not that little bastard Gilboa. He’ll just laugh, “Click, click, click,” while Peek-a-boo goes for my eyes.

This is really the most excitement I’ve had with the birds since that morning I had to clean up all the dead rat bits from the hawk’s cage. They usually like rats and eat them up nicely but they must have known I was coming that day because they made a nice gutty mess without eating a single part.