Ireland Adventure- Wednesday

Last Day- woke up at 11


mailed postcards

went to Summit for lunch

ate a tuna and sweetcorn sandwich on brown toast

saw the crazy lady ( there are so many in Dublin!)

toured Malahide Castle after a glass of French red wine

Lisa had a South African white

went to grocery in village to buy candy to take to NY

came home

toured Papa’s house with Lisa and Jess the dog

Watched Guys and Dolls

ate chicken and broccoli casserole with the family

Mailed David to come for me tomorrow

Met with Keg- he gave me a mixed cd

Went to football club where they were teaching dance lessons in the next room

Stewey, Lunny, and Fred were there… and the same red-headed bartender who was there my first night



Dublin felt like home immediately. It was so green, the music was spectacular and new, it was so saturated in history and tradition. I don’t even have the words to describe the warmth of the people. Having my best friend and her family as my hosts in this surreal setting made the trip perfect. Of course it feels like a dream now- especially after the long travel day I had yesterday- but it’s a dream I’ll never forget. I’ll miss my new friends- Shane, Mom, Dad, Keg, Fred, Eimer, Aine, Kate, Max, Rex, Jess, Papa, Granny, Lunny, Stewey, and Sarah. You were all amazing in so many ways and I’m so happy to know you. Thanks so much for being so welcoming and hospitable. Lisa, you are one of the greatest people I’ve ever met and I’m sure you will make many appearances in my life yet. See you May 4 girlie. Jennie sent in your visa app today.


Ireland Adventure- Tuesday

Woke up 11:45am

Watched 1408 with Shane and Lisa

Ate a bacon buddy (rashers with butter and toast)


Checked email from Bobby

Facebook message from 4th grade friend, Ethan- yes, I do remember Jay Spencer

Watched part of Lindsay Lohan’s Just My Luck while Lisa showered

Went into town to run errands- to O’Carrolls to get souvenirs for my family

Bought Kevin Costner shades from Attock

Drove toward Malahide castle while drinking red wine and eating Mexican rice

note: they don’t play Carrie Underwood here or and country really

Passed and Irish druglord’s house

Parked at the castle, didn’t go in

Went home

Went to Casa Pasta with family

Dad told riddles, Me Shane and Lisa drew on the table

I had chicken and bleu cheese with penne and white wine- very nice

Came home

Watched Youtube with Shane

Took Shane to his friend’s house

10pm went to Kates, drank green tea, ate creme eggs and watched Desperate Housewives with Max the dog

10:30 Shane called, said Heath Ledger was dead, that he’d been stabbed in the face in LA

After Desperate Housewives we watched Sky news for an hour while they showed Heath’s apartment in Manhattan and said the death was related to a drug overdose

RIP Heath

came home


Ireland Adventure- Monday

Woke up 10am

note: army tanks with learner stickers keep passing by

Met Lisa’s uncle Teddy

Saw Teddy’s huskies

Went back to Lisa’s Granny’s (right next door)

Ate Special K with OJ

Lisa had toast, OJ and coffee

Played with Granny’s dog- Rex (He’s very particular about his food)

Headed toward Newbridge

Recipe: Chicken Club

Wheat toast
Wheat toast
Wheat toast

Went to Marks and Spencers

Drank Cappuccinos

Went to Hoky Poky (restaurant with the chicken club)

Lisa didn’t sleep well in the Beetle Juice room so she’s feeling grumpy

Tunes: Kooks- She Moves in Her Own Way, Niave, and Ooo Laa

Dropped off Granny, said bye to Teddy

Met Mrs. Moon (who is apparently great fun with a glass of whiskey)

Chased sheep

Watched Frasier with Mom while she ironed

Ate buttered toast

Ate spaghetti with mushrooms and hamburger with family

Played Soduky

Keg came over

We drove Shane to the city

Shane told his fat woman eating a whole apple and stepping in human shite stories again

We met Kate at her house

Rounded up Kate’s boyfriend- Al

Went to the village market for candy

Went to the cinema and watched No Country for Old Men- SO GOOD

Dropped Keg off

Went home at 12am

Stayed up talking about LA till 2am


Ireland Adventure- Sunday

Woke up at 12:55pm

had roast dinner @ 1:30

Lisa’s family plus Papa were in attendance. Papa comes for dinner ever Sunday

Ate ham, chicken, cabbage, potatoes, stuffing, peas, corn and gravy

The kids and Papa all had milk to drink

Talked about Dad’s laser surgery

Papa only tells lies- the family calls him out every time- very funny

Read What is the What by Dave Eggers

Drove to Rathangan in County Kildare

Met Granny

Drank coffee and watched Skating on Ice

Met Lisa’s cousin, Sarah

Went to Sarah’s house

Met Sarah’s boyfriend- Johny, and her brother- Paul

Me to Sarah and Johny: So are you guys married or are you brother and sister?

Watched the rest of Skating on Ice

At 8:15, just before the Hills started we went to The Burrow for a gargle

Ate Bacon Flavor Fries

Drank Heineken which tastes better in the states

Soda review:

**OOO 2 out of a possible 5 stars
They only have 3 at most places
Coke, 7up (or sprite), and Orange
They’ll try to argue that Lucozade
counts but it’s really a gatorade
drink- not a soda!

Lisa says that’s why they’re not fattys.
Maybe so.

Had my first chipper- chicken tenders with fries (chips), and a Rock Shandy (soda)

note: the chips had salt and vinegar but not enough of either to give them a taste

Watched Woodcock- very funny

note: the sheep in Ireland are painted like Skittles

Went to bed in the Beetle Juice room- blue and orange walls, black and white curtain


Ireland Adventure- Saturday

No hangover!

Out of bed at 1/2 11

tonight is supposed to be “a mad one”


checked emails from Bobby and David

Bought my ticket to Burning Man

Added Jaimane Clement to people I’d like to meet on Myspace

getting hungry

Ate Hienz beans and buttered toast

Watched Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

Ate a pink cupcake

drove to Clontarf Castle

Drinking beers at the Knights Bar in Clontarf Castle

Learned how to correctly pour a Guiness (which is a stout, not a beer):

1 tip glass
2 pour glass 3/4
3 let settle
4 when it turns black, stick nozzle into it, hold upright and fill to top

note: I drank 7 beers between 8pm and 1am

note: Americans verses Irish
How to Drink 101

Americans start too fast, and finish early
The Irish start slow, pace themselves and can drink all night long
That’s why Irish people can consume so many more beers than Americans

tunes: Oasis- Don’t Look Back in Anger

tunes: Rihana- Lemme Get That

Drove home

“You should be infused with the Dublin literary spirit.”–Stewey

Ordered Chinese take-away

Picked up Chinese take-away

I had chicken pineapple. I’m real meat spoiled now so the chicken was shit and it upset my tummy

Got ready for the night

Shane picked us up at 7:30

We picked up Eimur

Dropped off at Aine’s

Later that night Aine writes: I love Aine. She’s the mortor that holds the bricks together- so profound, she makes the world go round! Keep off the grass! Stay cool says Aine. No Barry. I’m excited Barry. You wet your pants wet pants Barry.

Eimer writes: I’ll give you AIDS! love, Eimer Fagan followed by her contact information

Pointing to Eimer’s comment Lisa writes: The gift that keeps on giving xo

Took a cab to Lisa’s favorite bar- Bruxelles

Met Lunny, his girlfriend and a handful of others

Drank a Baby Guiness

Drank 7 beers

Lisa drank 10 beers

Bruxelles had smashin’ alternative music- as the night progressed started playing a lot of mix 94.5 stuff- strange

met Katherine Ladd’s doppleganger

Eimer danced like she was on something crazy

Poppers masked the smell of the hippie boy’s BO

Left Bruxelles- walked down Grafton St. Stewey helped me walk in my heels while everyone else went ahead of us singing

Ate at Burger King

Food fight!

“The chips have sharp edges!” (chips being fries)

Keg carried me to the Nitelink

Took the Nitelink home

argued about which was better- Southpark or The Simpsons

They smoked fags on the bus

Eimer put hers out on the seat cushion

Lisa told people on the Nitelink to tell Aine to get off at her stop

Walked the rest of the way home

Drank a glass of water


Ireland Adventure- Friday

Woke up 11:20am


ate 1 lb meat

Watched Hulk Hogan show

Met Lisa’s auntie Sinade

Found out Lilly Allen is preggers

Currently listening to Lilly Allen and driving back into the city

Shopped Pennies, Pull and Bear, A/Wear, H&M, Corky’s, and Simonhart

Bought loads of shirts

cheese croissant at La Croissantrie

note: read the loids for fashion, not fashion mags

tunes: The Kooks- She Moves in Her Own Way

6pm found out Lilly Allen lost her baby

tunes: The Maccabees

tunes: Kate Nash- Foundation

Drove to beer store- village store

Drove home- Showed Mom the clothes we bought

Lisa made chicken with peppers and roasted potatoes for dinner

We drank coffee and watched Scrubs and the Hills

Dressed up for the night. I wore my new polk-a-dot dress

Eimur came over- the Popper Queen

We drank beers with Stewy, Keg and Kate downstairs

Eimur performed Soldier Boy at the bus stop

Public transit to Dublin

Met Robby- he’s tall

Made out with a Brazilian, Rodriguez- I was all cultured like, you’re from Brazil, so you know about the flower festival on New Years and Louisville happened to be playing ball on the TV overhead so I said, that’s where I’m from- and of course one thing led to another.

Ate a lot of pizza at Difontaines

Cabbed home with Kate and Robby

Drank a tall glass of water


Ireland Adventure- Thursday

Woke up 11:06am


Kissed Lisa’s Papa

Learned the Magpie poem:

1 for sorrow
2 for joy
3 for a girl
4 for a boy
5 for silver
6 for gold
7 for a secret never to be told

Public transport to Dublin

Almost got hit by a motor cycle. He yelled “Look out gee bag!” (gee is same as cunt)

Walked down Henry Street

Ate chicken tiki masala at the Epicurean Food Hall. Lisa had pad thai newtles

got cab to National College of Art and Design. Great artists- very suicidal

Shane toured us around. All of the students had desks and wall space in a large room- industrial like UK. Shane’s project was different colored boxes with holes punched in them. Very conceptual.

note: Kings of Leon big here

note: Ireland has real (not processed) meat

Saw the pretty fashion students with their awesome clothes and cool hair- bitches;)

weather: overcast, rainy


Saw the candy g-string out of the box

Went to Eamonn Dorans- a dingy rock bar where Lisa used to play

Ordered Corona’s and Stella. They IDed me; I look 18?

note: Monday night someone went into a family pub and chopped someone’s hand off with a sword. We don’t have family pubs in America.

note: gas means funny

shopped Top Shop, Zara, Dorothy Perkins, River Island, Office, Schuh, and Berska

bought crazy socks

Bus back home

Ate green curry chicken- the best food I’ve ever had in my life!

Watched the Hills

listened to Mark Ronson’s “Valerie”

Picked up Kate, met her dog- Max

Picked up Lizzy

Met Keg at the Watermill

Drank Carlsberg

note: If you eat cheese before bed, you’ll have nightmares

Fred came to the Watermill and I had a smoke with the lads

note: 14 sounds like fart-teen

Drank pear cider called Kopperberg

To the Football Club

Drank grenadine and water- tastes like red jello

Met Barry- man of my dreams- Jack Black with a uni

Barry bought us Vodka & 7

Fred got into a fight with the bartender

Keg beat an 18 year old in pool

Saw Bobby Eddings doppleganger. Lisa thought he was hot

Keg walked us home

Talked art with Shane in the kitchen

Ate ham, white bread and Kimberly biscuits


Ireland Adventure- Wednesday

Arrived 7:30

I snuck up on a drunk Lisa and we drove on the left side all the way to her house

The first thing I saw was the sunrise

I met Mom, brother- Shane, Dad and dog- Jess

Ate one lb of meat

Watched Joe Millionaire


Drove to the ocean, got out of the car, stepped in a puddle, got back in the car

Saw a rainbow

Drove to Ireland’s Eye and sister island that I thought was Ireland’s Eye

Saw a famous Irishman named Gay Burn- Lisa nearly hit him with the car

Watched E and checked personal ads

Ate Mom’s lasagne

Went bowling with Fred and Keg (Keg smokes the pole a lot)

Scores: Fred 107, Keg 91, Lisa 103, Ass (me) 89

Fred won me a teddy named Amazing Alex

played pool- Me and Fred verses Lilo and Keg… Me and Fred dominated!

Bud light at the Football Club

Winking lesson from Keg

Walked home

Ate ham



Today I’m leading a castle tour for 15 6th graders. This’ll be the first time I’ve had kids since winter camp. I’m nervous. Luckily I’m off tomorrow. I can unwind and get ready for my trip to Ireland. My new favorite song is Paper Planes by MIA. It’s 50 something out. I don’t really have to wear my coat. At 9:47am I chatted with Griffin online. Tonight I’ll run it off.

Yesterday it was 2 degrees in the Catskills, windchill -7. I learned to ice-cut and ice-fish. I also fell just before I was going to put on my snowshoes for trailblazing. The ice cracked. I thought it was my skull at first. I really enjoyed the endorphines that came after.

Today I took my position as the official social coordinator. I’m working on February’s calender currently, the most notable event being my very own birthday. 25. I take fish oil now to combat the years.

A list of current favorites:

Song: Junior Boys- Like a Child
Thing to do: run
food: corn chowder
animal: house cat
color: yellow (cadmium drk)
read: The New Yorker