Phone conversation with Memaw

Angel: Hey Memaw! How are you?

Memaw: Well Happy New Year! How are you Angel?

A: I’m good. I’ve just been really busy this week. Winter Camp was crazy. The kids were great. I’ve just been all over the place. Sorry I never called back this week.

M: Well that’s fine. Just glad to know you’re not stuck outside in a hole somewhere in the snow. Is it sunny where you are?

A: It was but it isn’t right now. Is it sunny there?

M: Well, no. How much snow do you have up there?

A: A lot. It’s really hard to say how much there is at this point.

M: *laughs* Well, I bet it is.

A: How’s Gala?

M: He’s good. You know Gala. He’s top cat around here. He’s been staying inside since that night he had an accident. He just curls up in Pappaw’s chair and meows when he wants to go out. I came downstairs earlier and he looked at me like, “what do you think you’re doing coming down here bothering me?” He’s a funny cat. He’s figured out how to get into the garage on his own so he sleeps on Pappaw’s old orange chair a lot now.

A: He’s a funny cat.

M: Has David come back to camp yet?

A: No and I hope he doesn’t.

M: He might not come back to camp. His girlfriend might not let him. They might be engaged! *laughs*

A: *chuckles* Probably.

M: We’ll be leaving here pretty soon.

A: What do you mean?


A: Oh yeah.

M: Oh YEAH. *laughs* And I’ll be in Costa Rica.

A: When do you leave?

M: Next Tuesday, the 8th.

A: Oh man. That means I’ll be leaving week after next… Is that right?

M: Well if I’m leaving on the 8th… and you’re leaving on the 16th?

A: 15th.

M: Then that means you’re leaving… the following Wednesday. Yeah, week after next.

A: Man, I need to get my ride sorted out to get to the airport. I hope I don’t get snowed in to where I can’t go. I should have bought the insurance.

M: Yeah, I guess you should have.

A: It was like, 25 dollars. I guess I should have… but I can just delay my flight for a hundred bucks if I need to I think.

M: Well, get it figured out. Now that you’ve bought the ticket, it’s probably too late to get the insurance.

A: Yeah.


M: Well, have you decided how you’re going to get back for Christmas next year?

A: No, I need to know where I’m going to to be next year before I can decide about that. Have you already told people about the plan for Christmas next year?

M: *laughs* Yeah, I told everybody!

A: Well even though I don’t know where I’ll be, I’ll figure out a way to get back for Christmas next year.

M: Well honey, you could be in Kalamazoo with a husband and 2 or 3 kids by then! *laughs*

A: Memaw, I can’t have 2 or 3 kids in a year.

M: Twins or triplets you can!

A: Ugh…

M: *laughs hysterically* You sure are funny Miss Adele. UGH! *laughs hysterically*

A: Are there evern twins in our family?

M: Why yes! (names 4-5 sets of twins in her family) But you haven’t got to worry about that. Your clock will run out before you ever have to worry about that. *laughs hysterically*

A: What do you mean Memaw?

M: I mean just how you responded Angel! UGHHH! *laughs hysterically* You’re too afraid to ever settle down and start a family!

A: No, I just want to travel around a bit while I’m young. I need to figure out where I want to work next year.

M: So you’ve decided you don’t want to stay up there?

A: Nah, it’s too comfortable.

M: Yeah, you shouldn’t stay isolated up there in those woods your whole life. You need to put yourself out there. Maybe you should come back to Kentucky.

A: And what? Fry fish? That sounds terrible.

M: No, you could work up front with my new manager and fight things out.

A: No way Memaw. I’ll get things figured out but I just don’t want to live in Kentucky.

M: You talked to Ben lately?

A: Not since Christmas.

M: You and Ben, just wanderin’ all over the place.

A: No, I think he’s buying a house in Lexington.

M: Well that’s what you said last time. Has he done it yet?

A: I don’t know. I’ll have to ask him.

M: Well you travel around a bit and let me know when you’re coming for Christmas. I just finished taking down this years Christmas at the restaurant. Didn’t do anything for Christmas here. I just put it all up and just wait to take it all down again.

A: You should start decorating early this year. July maybe? You can do your Easter tree and Valentine’s tree and all of that.

M: Honey I’m not doin’ all that this year. I had three trees up in the restaurant and we’ve already taken them all down.

A: I was just kidding anyway Memaw. You remember when you did all those crazy trees down at the restaurant?

M: Oh I remember.


M: What are you going to do today?

A: I need to buy a camera off the internet, do some laundry, go to the gym, take out the trash… I actually should probably be getting off here soon.

M: Yes, well, it sound like you have a busy day ahead of you. I’ll talk to you later hun.

A: OK. Love you. Bye Memaw.

M: Love you too hun. Bye bye.

*I left out a part about my paintings, a part about Valentine’s Day and a part about chocolate covered cherries that she says I bought for Dad and Vaughn knowing I’d never get around to sending them- that I’d have to eat them myself. She’s probably right. Also, She doesn’t like chocolate covered strawberries or bourbon balls. She had her first chocolate covered strawberry at Martell’s 50th wedding anniversary.


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