Ireland Adventure- Friday

Woke up 11:20am


ate 1 lb meat

Watched Hulk Hogan show

Met Lisa’s auntie Sinade

Found out Lilly Allen is preggers

Currently listening to Lilly Allen and driving back into the city

Shopped Pennies, Pull and Bear, A/Wear, H&M, Corky’s, and Simonhart

Bought loads of shirts

cheese croissant at La Croissantrie

note: read the loids for fashion, not fashion mags

tunes: The Kooks- She Moves in Her Own Way

6pm found out Lilly Allen lost her baby

tunes: The Maccabees

tunes: Kate Nash- Foundation

Drove to beer store- village store

Drove home- Showed Mom the clothes we bought

Lisa made chicken with peppers and roasted potatoes for dinner

We drank coffee and watched Scrubs and the Hills

Dressed up for the night. I wore my new polk-a-dot dress

Eimur came over- the Popper Queen

We drank beers with Stewy, Keg and Kate downstairs

Eimur performed Soldier Boy at the bus stop

Public transit to Dublin

Met Robby- he’s tall

Made out with a Brazilian, Rodriguez- I was all cultured like, you’re from Brazil, so you know about the flower festival on New Years and Louisville happened to be playing ball on the TV overhead so I said, that’s where I’m from- and of course one thing led to another.

Ate a lot of pizza at Difontaines

Cabbed home with Kate and Robby

Drank a tall glass of water



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