Ireland Adventure- Monday

Woke up 10am

note: army tanks with learner stickers keep passing by

Met Lisa’s uncle Teddy

Saw Teddy’s huskies

Went back to Lisa’s Granny’s (right next door)

Ate Special K with OJ

Lisa had toast, OJ and coffee

Played with Granny’s dog- Rex (He’s very particular about his food)

Headed toward Newbridge

Recipe: Chicken Club

Wheat toast
Wheat toast
Wheat toast

Went to Marks and Spencers

Drank Cappuccinos

Went to Hoky Poky (restaurant with the chicken club)

Lisa didn’t sleep well in the Beetle Juice room so she’s feeling grumpy

Tunes: Kooks- She Moves in Her Own Way, Niave, and Ooo Laa

Dropped off Granny, said bye to Teddy

Met Mrs. Moon (who is apparently great fun with a glass of whiskey)

Chased sheep

Watched Frasier with Mom while she ironed

Ate buttered toast

Ate spaghetti with mushrooms and hamburger with family

Played Soduky

Keg came over

We drove Shane to the city

Shane told his fat woman eating a whole apple and stepping in human shite stories again

We met Kate at her house

Rounded up Kate’s boyfriend- Al

Went to the village market for candy

Went to the cinema and watched No Country for Old Men- SO GOOD

Dropped Keg off

Went home at 12am

Stayed up talking about LA till 2am



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