Ireland Adventure- Saturday

No hangover!

Out of bed at 1/2 11

tonight is supposed to be “a mad one”


checked emails from Bobby and David

Bought my ticket to Burning Man

Added Jaimane Clement to people I’d like to meet on Myspace

getting hungry

Ate Hienz beans and buttered toast

Watched Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

Ate a pink cupcake

drove to Clontarf Castle

Drinking beers at the Knights Bar in Clontarf Castle

Learned how to correctly pour a Guiness (which is a stout, not a beer):

1 tip glass
2 pour glass 3/4
3 let settle
4 when it turns black, stick nozzle into it, hold upright and fill to top

note: I drank 7 beers between 8pm and 1am

note: Americans verses Irish
How to Drink 101

Americans start too fast, and finish early
The Irish start slow, pace themselves and can drink all night long
That’s why Irish people can consume so many more beers than Americans

tunes: Oasis- Don’t Look Back in Anger

tunes: Rihana- Lemme Get That

Drove home

“You should be infused with the Dublin literary spirit.”–Stewey

Ordered Chinese take-away

Picked up Chinese take-away

I had chicken pineapple. I’m real meat spoiled now so the chicken was shit and it upset my tummy

Got ready for the night

Shane picked us up at 7:30

We picked up Eimur

Dropped off at Aine’s

Later that night Aine writes: I love Aine. She’s the mortor that holds the bricks together- so profound, she makes the world go round! Keep off the grass! Stay cool says Aine. No Barry. I’m excited Barry. You wet your pants wet pants Barry.

Eimer writes: I’ll give you AIDS! love, Eimer Fagan followed by her contact information

Pointing to Eimer’s comment Lisa writes: The gift that keeps on giving xo

Took a cab to Lisa’s favorite bar- Bruxelles

Met Lunny, his girlfriend and a handful of others

Drank a Baby Guiness

Drank 7 beers

Lisa drank 10 beers

Bruxelles had smashin’ alternative music- as the night progressed started playing a lot of mix 94.5 stuff- strange

met Katherine Ladd’s doppleganger

Eimer danced like she was on something crazy

Poppers masked the smell of the hippie boy’s BO

Left Bruxelles- walked down Grafton St. Stewey helped me walk in my heels while everyone else went ahead of us singing

Ate at Burger King

Food fight!

“The chips have sharp edges!” (chips being fries)

Keg carried me to the Nitelink

Took the Nitelink home

argued about which was better- Southpark or The Simpsons

They smoked fags on the bus

Eimer put hers out on the seat cushion

Lisa told people on the Nitelink to tell Aine to get off at her stop

Walked the rest of the way home

Drank a glass of water



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