Ireland Adventure- Sunday

Woke up at 12:55pm

had roast dinner @ 1:30

Lisa’s family plus Papa were in attendance. Papa comes for dinner ever Sunday

Ate ham, chicken, cabbage, potatoes, stuffing, peas, corn and gravy

The kids and Papa all had milk to drink

Talked about Dad’s laser surgery

Papa only tells lies- the family calls him out every time- very funny

Read What is the What by Dave Eggers

Drove to Rathangan in County Kildare

Met Granny

Drank coffee and watched Skating on Ice

Met Lisa’s cousin, Sarah

Went to Sarah’s house

Met Sarah’s boyfriend- Johny, and her brother- Paul

Me to Sarah and Johny: So are you guys married or are you brother and sister?

Watched the rest of Skating on Ice

At 8:15, just before the Hills started we went to The Burrow for a gargle

Ate Bacon Flavor Fries

Drank Heineken which tastes better in the states

Soda review:

**OOO 2 out of a possible 5 stars
They only have 3 at most places
Coke, 7up (or sprite), and Orange
They’ll try to argue that Lucozade
counts but it’s really a gatorade
drink- not a soda!

Lisa says that’s why they’re not fattys.
Maybe so.

Had my first chipper- chicken tenders with fries (chips), and a Rock Shandy (soda)

note: the chips had salt and vinegar but not enough of either to give them a taste

Watched Woodcock- very funny

note: the sheep in Ireland are painted like Skittles

Went to bed in the Beetle Juice room- blue and orange walls, black and white curtain



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