Ireland Adventure- Thursday

Woke up 11:06am


Kissed Lisa’s Papa

Learned the Magpie poem:

1 for sorrow
2 for joy
3 for a girl
4 for a boy
5 for silver
6 for gold
7 for a secret never to be told

Public transport to Dublin

Almost got hit by a motor cycle. He yelled “Look out gee bag!” (gee is same as cunt)

Walked down Henry Street

Ate chicken tiki masala at the Epicurean Food Hall. Lisa had pad thai newtles

got cab to National College of Art and Design. Great artists- very suicidal

Shane toured us around. All of the students had desks and wall space in a large room- industrial like UK. Shane’s project was different colored boxes with holes punched in them. Very conceptual.

note: Kings of Leon big here

note: Ireland has real (not processed) meat

Saw the pretty fashion students with their awesome clothes and cool hair- bitches;)

weather: overcast, rainy


Saw the candy g-string out of the box

Went to Eamonn Dorans- a dingy rock bar where Lisa used to play

Ordered Corona’s and Stella. They IDed me; I look 18?

note: Monday night someone went into a family pub and chopped someone’s hand off with a sword. We don’t have family pubs in America.

note: gas means funny

shopped Top Shop, Zara, Dorothy Perkins, River Island, Office, Schuh, and Berska

bought crazy socks

Bus back home

Ate green curry chicken- the best food I’ve ever had in my life!

Watched the Hills

listened to Mark Ronson’s “Valerie”

Picked up Kate, met her dog- Max

Picked up Lizzy

Met Keg at the Watermill

Drank Carlsberg

note: If you eat cheese before bed, you’ll have nightmares

Fred came to the Watermill and I had a smoke with the lads

note: 14 sounds like fart-teen

Drank pear cider called Kopperberg

To the Football Club

Drank grenadine and water- tastes like red jello

Met Barry- man of my dreams- Jack Black with a uni

Barry bought us Vodka & 7

Fred got into a fight with the bartender

Keg beat an 18 year old in pool

Saw Bobby Eddings doppleganger. Lisa thought he was hot

Keg walked us home

Talked art with Shane in the kitchen

Ate ham, white bread and Kimberly biscuits



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