Ireland Adventure- Tuesday

Woke up 11:45am

Watched 1408 with Shane and Lisa

Ate a bacon buddy (rashers with butter and toast)


Checked email from Bobby

Facebook message from 4th grade friend, Ethan- yes, I do remember Jay Spencer

Watched part of Lindsay Lohan’s Just My Luck while Lisa showered

Went into town to run errands- to O’Carrolls to get souvenirs for my family

Bought Kevin Costner shades from Attock

Drove toward Malahide castle while drinking red wine and eating Mexican rice

note: they don’t play Carrie Underwood here or and country really

Passed and Irish druglord’s house

Parked at the castle, didn’t go in

Went home

Went to Casa Pasta with family

Dad told riddles, Me Shane and Lisa drew on the table

I had chicken and bleu cheese with penne and white wine- very nice

Came home

Watched Youtube with Shane

Took Shane to his friend’s house

10pm went to Kates, drank green tea, ate creme eggs and watched Desperate Housewives with Max the dog

10:30 Shane called, said Heath Ledger was dead, that he’d been stabbed in the face in LA

After Desperate Housewives we watched Sky news for an hour while they showed Heath’s apartment in Manhattan and said the death was related to a drug overdose

RIP Heath

came home



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