Ireland Adventure- Wednesday

Last Day- woke up at 11


mailed postcards

went to Summit for lunch

ate a tuna and sweetcorn sandwich on brown toast

saw the crazy lady ( there are so many in Dublin!)

toured Malahide Castle after a glass of French red wine

Lisa had a South African white

went to grocery in village to buy candy to take to NY

came home

toured Papa’s house with Lisa and Jess the dog

Watched Guys and Dolls

ate chicken and broccoli casserole with the family

Mailed David to come for me tomorrow

Met with Keg- he gave me a mixed cd

Went to football club where they were teaching dance lessons in the next room

Stewey, Lunny, and Fred were there… and the same red-headed bartender who was there my first night



Dublin felt like home immediately. It was so green, the music was spectacular and new, it was so saturated in history and tradition. I don’t even have the words to describe the warmth of the people. Having my best friend and her family as my hosts in this surreal setting made the trip perfect. Of course it feels like a dream now- especially after the long travel day I had yesterday- but it’s a dream I’ll never forget. I’ll miss my new friends- Shane, Mom, Dad, Keg, Fred, Eimer, Aine, Kate, Max, Rex, Jess, Papa, Granny, Lunny, Stewey, and Sarah. You were all amazing in so many ways and I’m so happy to know you. Thanks so much for being so welcoming and hospitable. Lisa, you are one of the greatest people I’ve ever met and I’m sure you will make many appearances in my life yet. See you May 4 girlie. Jennie sent in your visa app today.


One thought on “Ireland Adventure- Wednesday

  1. Aw i went from laughing to nearly crying there!! Sorry i was off one or two of the days.. the stupid drama just took over my mind! But i had an amazing time with you, thank you so much for coming to visit!! Everyone loved you and you are welcome back ANYTIME!!
    The next time i head to my Grannys i'll make sure to chase some sheep for you!
    Love you Adeley xoxox

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