Ireland Adventure- Wednesday

Arrived 7:30

I snuck up on a drunk Lisa and we drove on the left side all the way to her house

The first thing I saw was the sunrise

I met Mom, brother- Shane, Dad and dog- Jess

Ate one lb of meat

Watched Joe Millionaire


Drove to the ocean, got out of the car, stepped in a puddle, got back in the car

Saw a rainbow

Drove to Ireland’s Eye and sister island that I thought was Ireland’s Eye

Saw a famous Irishman named Gay Burn- Lisa nearly hit him with the car

Watched E and checked personal ads

Ate Mom’s lasagne

Went bowling with Fred and Keg (Keg smokes the pole a lot)

Scores: Fred 107, Keg 91, Lisa 103, Ass (me) 89

Fred won me a teddy named Amazing Alex

played pool- Me and Fred verses Lilo and Keg… Me and Fred dominated!

Bud light at the Football Club

Winking lesson from Keg

Walked home

Ate ham



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