Ashoken Winter Weekend

I just returned from a weekend at Ashoken. Brendan, David, George (the uninhibited one), Giles, Amber, Reed, Brett, Art, D Hips and myself were all in attendance. We lived together with 2 other people in a lodge called Lakeview.
Ashoken winter weekend is a conference at Ashoken campus meant for networking with environmental educators. There were about 40 of us. We did hikes, slate carving, astronomy, a workshop about Indonesia, drumming and blacksmithing among other things. At night we went to the sauna where we’d heat up to 200 degrees and the bravest (not me) would jump into the literally freezing lake to cool off. All the FV cats would then shower in the dorm we shared, fart it up, look at pictures and video footage of people jumping in the lake and retreat to the dining hall.
The food at Ashoken was phenomonally fresh. I loved the purple lettuce, green beans, salmon, humus, ham and bread. The chef was a brilliantly wise looking older man with gray hair pulled into a sweet mullet ponytail. He loves to talk about the politics of camp food. I never caught his name even though he was one of my favorite characters.
Brendan, David and I really came together as a team. We’re an untouchable triangle. Randomly in conversation it was said without question that if Brendan had to kill me or Dave, he’d kill me, but I’d kill Dave and Dave would kill him if given that same choice with the other two people.
During trade blanket, Amber got 5 rabbit skins and 2 handmade clubs off this guy- Jared I think, for her phone number. That girl’s got the game down. On the bus home Art said the first thing he was going to do when he got back is rub one out. I think Brett was a little sad overall that he didn’t get a chance to share his plethora of kids nature songs during our music party (where Brendan and I showed off our new badass drumming skilz) Giles has fallen madly in love with saunas. D Hips has found yet another place he would rather be than Frost Valley.
Everyone was beautiful. Old friends began to sparkle and the new ones, after just one weekend feel like a crazy extended family that waits for its newfound gen y’s to come back to the woods. I feel like I will see Ashoken again. Hell, it’s only an hour away and if I can entice a driver with the glories of sauna relaxation, maybe I can see Jonathan again and bask in his friendly, contagious, Owen Wilsonesque ways. But if I can’t get there, it’s OK because he’s coming here on the 24th to party in the valley. I’m a smart girl. I wouldn’t write off a badass new friend just because the calendar says it’s time.
Last night I had a dream I was in love with a hermaphrodite who was killed by terrorists. Then Art and I saved a bunch of children. I pistol whipped a relentlessly happy terrorist, dyed my hair black and ran away through the fields behind the castle. I’m going to look up that dream before my 49% battery power wastes away and I’m haunted by the same scenario again tonight. I’m gonna guess it has something to do with me being a sex-is-sex gen y’er with an indefinite future. If it’s any good I’ll post it- Till then!


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