As the World Falls Down

Last night Shane, Giles, Amber, Heidi, Katie, KT, Cassie, Jay, George and I took a shortbus into Kingston to go swimming. I practiced putting my face in the water and kicking. LJ, Brett, Josie and Kevin were there. LJ was my coach. There was a naked lady in the steam room that would have preferred I stay out but I came in anyway and felt so new after. A Chinese lady ignored me when I asked her how to turn on the shower. Maybe she didn’t speak English. Maybe she did.

After we left the pool we went for burgers and chicken. Me and Jay talked about pop music. I’m glad we’re friends again. We listened to Third Eye Blind on the way back home. I had forgotten how much I love that song, “I Want You.”

I am so tired right now and I look like Foxy Brown because of the weather and my boob shirt. Which is good. I taught my “Good Friends” class tonight. It was hard for me to convey my vision to the women but basically I had them dissect their personalities into two characters, name them, make them meet and marry them to each other. Then we wrote tributes, adventure itineraries and put everything together to make a journal. Ann said she saw some of the women after my class and they insisted on showing their journals to her and said I was cute. A success I guess. Not everyone has to tattoo their ego to their arm to really “get it” though I kinda wish they would.

LP’s little brother is such a ray of sunshine. I was legitimately stressed about that friendship class today and he sent me the sweetest message out of the blue. He totally made my day by calling my f-ing awesome. You’re f-ing awesome little man! Another magical thing that happened today was when a lady in my class was telling me we should build a labyrinth at Frost Valley and Bowie’s “When the World Falls Down” started to play.


One thought on “As the World Falls Down

  1. Magpie Poem By English Rose

    One magpie has sorrowful eyes
    Blaring into my own
    Two have hearts full of joy
    And melt all hearts of stone

    Three magpies for a girl
    The girl I am deep down
    Four for the boy I love so much
    With eyes of mysterious brown

    Five is a silvery moon
    Encased by glittering stars
    Six is for a golden sun
    As you pass by venus and mars

    Seven is a secret
    I must never tell
    The one that covers up my smile
    The one that makes my life hell

    The seventh magpie chases away
    My stars and silvery moon
    Darkens the hearts of the joyful pair
    And shatters their lullaby tune

    He chases away five other magpies
    And stands in my garden alone
    Alongside the one with sorrowful eyes
    Blaring into my own

    Two magpies that do not sing
    Tunes with meriment and joy
    They're the ones that keep away
    My dark, mysterious boy

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