A lady who was at my friendship workshop sent me a card today saying that as a new mother, she often struggles with identity and that my exercises really helped her. I feel like I’m starting to find my niche in teaching- very exciting!

Last night I dreamed that I was taking care of a baby. It wasn’t my own but it freaked me out to let other people hold it. They always seemed like they were fixin to drop it. When I looked up the dream, the dream dictionary said the baby is symbolic of a personal vulnerability. I think the dream means I’m happy in myself but afraid my happiness will be stripped from me when I leave this summer. I think the dream means this because this is was I actually fear- but have never said. It helps to say it. Now instead of being scared, the notion seems slightly absurd. I will tell everyone. I’m scared a little, and the scared will get smaller.

Today I found a very rash letter that a certain someone wrote to a certain someone else, not me, and I stole it. Not only did I steal it, I read it and wrote a synopsis of it in case the person I stole it from figures out I have it and decides to read it. I wrote that she didn’t mean it and she needs time to heal and that he isn’t all of those bad things and she doesn’t really want him to disappear forever. I’m sure he will ask for it back because I’m sure I’ll ask. I always cave and tell the truth. I hope the letters neutralize each other. They both deserve better than all this spite. This is probably the last time he’ll ask me to water his plants, clepto that I am.

Someone drew a penis on my face while I was sleeping last night.


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