“Ben and the Theater”

It’s a strange sensation when a dream finishes itself, even more strange when it calls on a dream from before or a movie you didn’t see until the next day.

Mom went into the store to get a tattoo for me. She came back to the car, held up a mirror and said, “Well, what do you think?” I had two dolphins, the kind with floppy dog legs, tattooed to my right cheek. I was mortified.

Mom and I went into a department store. Mom disappeared and Ben took her place. He was reading our review on a joint assignment out loud. The professor loved what we had to say about adult education in the surrounding area. I had no recollection of working on the project and had a hard time feeling good about the praise.

Ben and I went to Stella’s where Less and Aumaine were repainting the salmon color again- this time to an off-white instead of a mint green. They asked me what I thought and not hearing the question, I said the walls looked bare, or else thought it and they looked very disappointed.

Ben and I took a shuttle back into the city, not any city in particular but an established one nonetheless. My tattoo had finally faded and Ben was looking over our research again when we noticed something falling from the sky. It was a missile. I recognized the missile first but we noticed the 3 planes smoldering on the ground together.

Ben and I got off the shuttle at the very next stop because the shuttle was heading toward the debris. No one, including myself was freaking out. It seemed like we weren’t afraid because we were still in suburbia, not yet amongst the skyscrapers.

I saw a glass building to our left, similar to the Saturn store in the commercials. I took Ben’s hand and we ran inside and then downstairs into a sort of basement where a lady, a man and a boy were hiding. I scanned the room to see if there was anyway to get further underground where the planes and missiles couldn’t reach us. I found a large vent in the floor and began to pry it open. I asked the onlookers not to follow me. They looked disgusted.

When the vent finally pulled free a bat flew out so I let the onlookers go ahead of me while I looked for Ben who had wandered off.

I found Ben and we went down the ladder that was behind the vent in the floor only to end up in another glassed in room, still at ground level. But this room was very familiar to me and it made me feel very calm and at home. I saw an escalator and called for Ben to follow me up. The onlookers stayed by the vent we came from which was on the floor.

At the top of the escalator there were big steel double doors and a doorman in a blue suit. I was wearing my orange dress and Ben was wearing a khaki polo and white pants. When the doorman pulled the door open, we saw a large carpeted theater, maroon and gold, with wings at either side of the double doors. Etta James was playing and as I began ballroom dancing with myself I cried, “This is the beautiful place from my dream,” and with less enthusiasm, “I’m going to die tonight.”
Ben never spoke but he followed as I explored the theater. I danced into the right wing expecting to find my never-ending mansion but it was just a junkie little blue-carpeted room with some cheap broken furniture. I tried the wing to the left and it was more like a closet.

Ben and I heard a loud rumble and ran to the stage looking behind us to see the nose of a plane jutting in from the ceiling of the theater. When we crossed to the other side of the curtain, we were in another theater only the carpet was the blue of the right wing. There was no music playing, just an eerie stillness and it wasn’t right so we ran out the double doors of the blue theater and found ourselves inside the same glassed room as before. We held hands and watched as planes crashed into buildings outside.

Watching the buildings fall was exactly like the final scene from fight club (which I hadn’t seen in years until the day after having this dream) except in my dream, it was daytime.


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