Working out the kinks

I break up with LP about every other day. It’s exhausting. Sometimes it’s because he says I’m scathing or that I think I know everything. Today it was because our friend who lacks any sort of social grace was an asshole to me and I felt like LP was being too OK with the whole thing. Living and working together is all sorts of stress. Where can I go, I can’t run like I normally do. And since I can’t run, is this it? Annoying or not, is this for keeps? Cause he doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

He really is brilliant and so interesting and kind. I’d rather argue with him all day than not see him at all. This has been the worst start of things I’ve ever experienced… but all the best of starts never amounted to much. Maybe this makes sense. Maybe we argue and freak out because we care. I do care. Oh geez.


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