just got back from the big city- feeling like i’ve met my match. the 1st song on the latest john legend is where i’m at. went to the brooklyn musem and zoo, also china town. stayed at 6 columbus… sorry for the shorthand- got drunk at mc cabes, where everyone hugs each other when they come inside.


One thought on “NYC

  1. Little Magpie,

    I am angry, reeeal angry, and sad and lost. I'm all over the place. Dunno where i belong or who i belong to anymore. I feel like running away forever. I'm loosing my reason to fight, it keeps fading away, no longer clear enough to see. I'm loosing Tx.

    Not too long now. Feels like i'll never get there. As always please keep it on the street. I'm glad the City brought a sense of home back to FV.


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