The Whole Marriage Thing

Well, my initial shock has subsided and instead of being happy or calm even, I feel 1. like I should be minding my own business and I can’t despite myself. 2. Like mine and Griffin’s relationship was trivial and somehow that makes me trivial 3. DJ Swa is better than me and 4. I have a great boyfriend. Why am I even concerned? but then, why am I not getting married? WHAT THE FUCK IS THE MATTER WITH ME?? and how am I so forgettable? What happened to time and a half?

Really though, I had a great weekend in NYC, drank lots of wine with Haans, saw the Museum of Natural History (the deep sea fish being my favorite and the t-rex being the most disappointing. They really weren’t that big.), saw Zohan and stayed at a really great spot. I just need to turn NYC off, Kentucky off and get resituated in the Catskills with my beautiful friends and super sweet boyfriend. I need to be here, where I’m at. There’s a storm brewing outside. David’s off at 10. He’s gorgeous. I think I’ll make it.


One thought on “The Whole Marriage Thing

  1. In my opinion, I think it's the pressures of society which plays a huge part in marriage, and that's not right. Don't you think?

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