Me In a Box

I’m packing up my cabin today. It hasn’t been such a mess since that night this winter when I drunkenly decided to make the whole space into a fort complete with a sunshine ceiling and cobweb clouds. I had intended to go with 3 boxes and a suitcase but I’ve nearly filled those and I haven’t even started packing clothes yet.

It’s sad to think most of this stuff won’t see the light of day for another decade, or whenever it is I decide to unpack this hope chest of sorts I’ve accumulated over the years. I have so much interesting stuff though every fall it seems I start again with nothing. This packing venture really makes me feel like settling into a home of my own. It’s fun to be transient but not when all record of your existence lives in some musty attic. I get jealous when I see people’s childhood pictures in fancy frames or when they put stuff in some special bowl. All my special bowls are neglected. It seems there really is a homebody lurking somewhere inside me.

I took some pictures with my Polaroid this morning. They make camp seem so far away already. Tomorrow the triangle’s going to see REM, Modest Mouse and The National in NYC- a celebration of music, friendship and change.


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