Moving Headache

I’m overwhelmed. My head really hurts, probably because of this beautyflash balm on my face. I never use it but it’s Clarins so I put some on my face this afternoon to see if it was worth packing. It gave me the usual caffeine headache. I threw it away.

I bought a ball python today named Avery (the name means he rules the land using elfin knowledge) Dad thinks it was a bad idea. Everyone else asks why I don’t have a big terrarium and why I didn’t buy a snake once I got to Kentucky. First of all, snakes can live in things other than terrariums, like underwear drawers and right now Avery’s very happy laying with my heating pad on my bed under a pillow. Secondly, Avery doesn’t live in fucking Kentucky. He’s a New Yorker. A bigger problem is that I’m having a hard time figuring out how to pack him or else smuggle him onto the plane. Packing was hard enough before I fell in love with my new little friend.

My biggest problem however, the one that makes me cry, is that I don’t want to leave David. I’m going to, but I’ll really miss him. He’s my best friend and I’m used to seeing him every day. Yeah, some days we fight (over the lightning bug population in the Catskill Mountains or else what company made the first pair of those hideous posture balancing shoes), but no matter what goes wrong with us ever, we fix it. We forgive each other and most importantly, we both really like each other for who we are. I feel very exposed to him, nothing’s hidden or repressed and he’s still here. But I’m leaving. Tragic.


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