A Very Good Day. I Love My Friends.

Last night I stayed in Lexington with my friend Larkin. I milled about downtown during gallery hop and stayed on the scene to say goodbye to Buster’s, a well loved staple of young hipster life. The whole block of bars I used to hang out in is being demolished to build a hotel for the Equestrian Games guests. Now that’s southern hospitality.

Today David and I officially ended our relationship, I guest dj’ed on WRFL with my friend Nick Kid, I saw Ben’s new house, visited Natalie at my old beauty school, ate at Puccinis and ran my longest distance yet. I feel good. I’m eating and running and my friends are just as warm and amazing as I had remembered.

Larkin told me not to be sore with Griffin, that he isn’t rubbing the wedding in my face. He just wanted to be the one to tell me. That’s good. Today everyone is wonderful and my energy is breezy and red.

Also, I do love David. We just have to wait. I’ll be in a relationship with him when I can REALLY be there for him. I know that while I’m gone, I can’t be what he needs or wants in another person. We still write. I’m not as cold or aloof as you might think. I’ve written too much and said to much with him about this subject. I don’t have it in me to blog it out.


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