In Transit

I just reread my last entry. That night did turn out to be pretty epic. Amanda and I started out at an Irish bar and ended up in the fountains by the bank. There was plenty of dancing and debauchery in between. My week of no drinking never really happened.

My sister and I had a great time together. We have never gotten along as well as we did these past couple of weeks. I really feel like we’re best friends now and of course Marcus- little Amanda extended, is wonderful as well. He still calls me Jesus and listens to whatever I say. I need to keep up the long hair. I think he does in fact think I’m the Jesus hanging up in the front of his church.

Nick Kidd came to a cookout we had at my sister’s house. I told Marcus, “This is Nick Kidd,” then pointed at Nick saying, “What’s his name?”

Marcus responded, “Nick Kidd.” But when I pointed at Nick later and said, “What’s his name?” Marcus said, “Ben.” Interesting. I don’t think Marcus has ever even met Ben… But he has seen pictures… And they do look sort of similar…


One thought on “In Transit

  1. Even though we talked for about 2 minutes when you introduced yourself, I miss you.

    P.S.- I lost 35 pounds since you saw me last!!! Now Michael Cera is MINE.

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