Orange Clouds Raging Ocean

My friend is here and magically the internet at Dad’s works again. Everything has been magic. Yesterday we bought bikes instead of renting a car and everything’s an adventure. There’s so much more to see when you’re moving in slow-mo and sweating and shouting to hear each other. Right now I’m drinking a mimosa and sucking a ring-pop. The good life.

Last night I had a dream some rich district of Lexington was being bombed. I only knew it was Lexington because all of my Lexington friends were there. The bombs were small but dangerous and it seemed only a handful of us expensively dressed hipsters were aware of them at all. We began stealing everything and hiding in the woods and arguing with more clueless friends about the consequences of the explosions. Also, I was a bed-hopper because every time I was talking to someone about the explosions, he was a different boy in a different bed.

I’ve been confused about my future lately. I want grad school, travel, love and babies and I feel like I’m running out of time. I’m torn between settling down in San Fran or Lex, or else going to Korea or maybe Texas for school. Memaw’s words are finally taking hold. Maybe because other people have started saying it. Quite loudly. I’m running from something.

For now, I’ll try to “be present” by taking my intoxicated half naked self to the beach.


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