Things I Love

I was just cleaning out my Myspace when I realized how long it’s been since I’ve written a Things I Love list. Too long. So here goes:

8 grain bagels from the Walmart deli with cream cheese and fresh strawberries

Running at night while listening to The National (I miss you Brendan!)

The time between Elizabeth telling me I’m finished with my sidework and Dad arriving to take me home from M’s

Drinking High Life with Nick under an umbrella on the beach

Riding my bike at night down the section of the road that doesn’t have streetlights and looking up at the stars

Painting on the balcony on a cool day, finishing a painting, loving it, showing it off

Going to the movies with my family

Riding bikes to the grocery with my dad

Looking for shells with Kathy

Letters from Mary Allison

Late night phone calls from Nick

Finding new music on

Exploring new hotels

Red Snapper

Vampire Weekend

The Triangle

Cocktails with Lisa in the Castle

A night on the town with my little sister, dancing and laying in fountains


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