Probably Too Tipsy For a Decent Entry

I’m sitting in the recliner, drinking High Life and listening to “Does Your Mother Know” from the Mamma Mia soundtrack. But now that’s over so I’m listening to Stoll’s new album. Fucking beautiful. I’ve been trying to get ahold of him but I don’t have a working number and he’s everywhere but here. I want to see him perform while I’m out west. Once upon a time he was like a brother to me. I miss him and Kate.

Today is Dad’s birthday. I took the fam to L’s, which served ridiculous amounts of food. It was so completely unnecessary, very American. I walked away with a doggy bag containing a pound of meat and a huge blob of sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes. Dad loved it. I didn’t love that they don’t serve alcohol.

This morning I helped Beth clean a condo again. I enjoy being a cleaning lady from time to time. I can add it to my list of mad skillz. Today I felt like Jenny From the Block in Maid in Manhattan. 3 hours of work 50 dollars, not bad, enough for a new dress. After seeing that movie, that’s the way I imagine maids spending their cash.

Yesterday I wrote a short story. It begins with a Michael Jackson quote and ends with a blast to the pussy. Crazy shite. I’ll let you read it at some point but for now I’m having my boys look over it for various errors. It needs a lot of work before its big debut.

I go home on Wednesday. I want to be a mail man. A lot.


One thought on “Probably Too Tipsy For a Decent Entry

  1. Adele! Ive worked an uncountable amount of hours today but I found your blog and it is awesome. Makes me want to start writing again. The apt is a fucking wreck but I have a day off tm to get it decent. So exhausted. See you soon

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