I Will Burn Again

Wow, BURNING MAN ROCKED MY WORLD. I’m at Omega now. There’s a cat living near my tent so the daddy-long-leg population isn’t daunting. I miss Black Rock City. I’m not going to say anything else about it. It’s like telling you an anecdote about an office friend you don’t know… even worse it’s got a “you had to be there” kind of punch line.

Omega has great food. I had Indian last night, sushi tonight so I’m putting on the weight I melted off last week. I’m still confident in my relationship with Nick. Usually when I get a chance to wander I think I’m better off alone- permanently, but not this time. I feel like I’m changing and growing in ways that are going to make me a better companion.

I bought an Entrepreneur magazine and I feel empowered. I don’t know if it’s the articles or the bright orange cover. Also, I saw a quote about being successful through service rather than competition. Things keep happening. I’m also keeping a private journal. My creative processes are fixin‘ to explode all over the place.


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