Private Journal Summer 09- present

This is when I learned about sacred geometry and had my first month-long go at veganism. Currently I’m about 80% vegan, a goal not completely abandoned.

I started doing a lot of drawing inside the vesica piscis and playing with auras and plant vibrations. Patrick and I broke up and I began a bout of celebacy, partly to see if I could and partly just to wait in honor of my beloved.

I had my very first “awake” experience

and I began goal-setting
under the guidance of my dear friend Ohia.

I went to Burning Man and shared a village with the futurists who taught me about seasteading and singularity… and now that’s what I’m painting.

My goal as an artist is to show my audience how far we can go as a society. I want to show landlocked citizens what the ocean-scientists and engineers are building. I want to bring the metaphysical into a tangible, readable, mainstream form. And I want my images to be affordable and beautiful so that people can proudly display them in their homes as a daily reminder of how big we can be. I want to make people curious and help them share ideas. IDEAS. VISION. DISCOVERY. POW!


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