The Missing Journal Fall08-Spring 09

I’ve decided to post bits of my private journals so as not to leave gaping holes in my story. My first summer at Omega I decided to quit posting to my blog because I was doing a lot of fast growing and I was in the mood for privacy. It’s a little more than a year later and I feel ready to talk… but I don’t have that first journal. It’s in Kentucky. I’m in San Francisco.

It mainly describes my introduction to energy modalities, my downtown apartment with the lovely Sarah Miller (, Chris Conner’s month-long visits, guerilla art and working as a painter by day (, and a barista ( by night. The winter was too cold and I decided I never wanted to experience 5 months of gray ever again. The plan was to downsize, move to Omega ( in the spring and head west in October.

By April 13, 2009 I had placed all my paintings, given away all my dresses and was New York bound.

Sarah and Jordan stringing beads for “The Wishing Tree” in my beroom at The Burrow

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