Movie Nite

I just arrived home from the movie theater. Pete and I watched “Pirate Radio”. It was informal, decadent, and beautifully crafted with a godly soundtrack.  I haven’t stopped smiling since…  Sort of.

When the movie started, I had that inkling of fear about it ending. It’s something that happens when I’m lonely. When I’m super lonely I get sad when I’m finished eating a meal, or when a movie is over or when it’s morning and there’s no breakfast.  When I used to live in the House of Joy in Lexington, a little hippie house in Chevy Chase, I would pick 2 movies from the video store every afternoon when I finished work and I’d watch them back-to-back before an early bed-time. I would feel so nervous half way through the second movie. I don’t remember a lot of the movies, but I remember that feeling and I experienced it again tonight.

I slept a lot today. I had a long conversation with my little sister who is almost finished with her teaching degree. I’m so proud of her. I took pictures at a motorcycle event for the magazine I design. I bought a new book, Bright Lights Big City. I had breakfast three times… But last night I broke things off with the boy I’ve been seeing and no matter how much I know it was the right thing to do, my heart is broken and when “Pirate Radio” ended, a part of me wanted to disappear with the final credits. But it was good, a great movie. You should see it… and I’m happy, just not all the way deep down, not tonight.


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