I went to Berkeley this morning for the first time. Across the bay a pre-stormy cloudiness made changing trees sparkle and the air heavy with ocean.  Young couples walked hand in hand in mittens across the street. Fat vines grew up the sides of houses.  There were yards to admire.  KalX, my favorite radio station, was in perfect synchronicity with my mood and daydreams. It was good to be moving fast in a car. It was good to be clean and clearheaded on a Sunday morning, ready for adventure in a new place.

We had brunch at Bacheesos, a mostly organic, homemade European buffet. When I looked around, I felt like I was with a bunch of other me’s and thought maybe I will move here instead of somewhere else in SOMA, because I loved it. It wasn’t until we crossed the bridge to come back home that I realized, despite its inconvenience, I might love San Francisco more.

And then I won concert tickets.  This is my 100th entry.


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