Today I worked at Ironside.  I absolutely love my co-workers.  They’re compassionate, smart, witty and they love to be with people, same as me.  Tomorrow the union delivers my computer (for my other job) and I’ll be ready to start laying down some serious pages of my magazine.  I’m a little nervous because I’m so new at design.  It took me a while to hone my craft with painting and I’m sure it will be much the same with design only this time, I have a serious audience waiting for a highly professional product.  I won’t have a critique in the end the way I did in art school.  I’ll get either an approving nod or a disappointed email from a very powerful organization.  We’ll.  See. What.  Happens.


Tonight I’m going for beers with my friends.  In the meantime, I’m here with you and doing some goal setting.  Like I really want to paint a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge.  People want to see that and I’m sure my take on it will be fun.  I need to show paintings, not as much so I can sell them as for my ego.   Right now I have 10 unseen, framed works propped against the walls of my apartment.  4 more that are unframed.  I can’t really imagine the venue for them. I keep thinking they’re going to stop being relevant all-together if I don’t get them out of here soon.   The bridge will be my gateway into showing in San Francisco.  I just need to get the ball rolling.  Really, I need to not be such a scaredy-cat.  Geez…


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