This Is How I Clean My Bracelet

  • Carefully place bracelet on an amethyst geode for 24 hours
  • Place in indirect sunlight and direct moonlight for 90 minutes
  • Place in a hard waterproof container and bury in the earth for 24 hours
  • Hold under a stream of spring water
  • Hold in both your hands and send healing energy
  • Carefully place on a quartz crystal cluster
  • Use sound – clapping, bells, singing bowls, music, etc.



Today I completed my first issue of Mainline, sans page numbers.  Pete’s home.  I just had an IPA at 21st Ammendment and I’m feeling invinsible.  Brandon is absolutely lovely.  I keep thinking about Christmas, about my memaw and why she doesn’t invest in nice ice-cream if she has so much money.  She almost always buys Kroger brand and Haagan Das is SO good.

I miss my little sister and I wish I was a better girlfriend to my girlfriends.  I’m realizing the people and activities I cut short when there isn’t a lot of time.  Next week there will be time.  Next week I want to send snail mail to my family, so they can tell how much I love them.