The New House is Quiet

I’m especially lonely tonight so it seems a good time to write.  For the past 2 days I have left my apartment maybe 2 hours total.  I’m poor now.  I have moved out of Pete’s SOMA home into my very own place in the Lower Knob.  Rent is  a steep $1150.  I would be ok, not particularly poor, had I not flown to San Diego last weekend to spend a rainy 4 days in a ship-wrecked sailboat.  I want to say it was worth it… but I also want to say it’d be really fucking sweet to leave the house for a beer right now.

I’ve applied for jobs this week, most of them half-heartedly but today I finished a resume for a Chronicle Books internship in the Children’s Department.  I’m so excited and if I get it I will be making zero more dollars than I am currently.  I need to start thinking like a wolf.  But I do see myself as a book publisher so cash monies or no, I’m stoked.  I want it SO bad:)

Amanda June phoned me at 5 am crying.  Jay is leaving her and she’s freaked out.  Also Memaw is going bankrupt.  Also, Brandon (my little bro) is having a nervous breakdown.  I feel terrible for everyone but even more huge, I have this sinking feeling that my support structure is crumbling.  Suddenly I am the strong one and it’s a bit scary.

That’s all for now really.  The lovely Brandon is off with his school friends.  I am here alone.  Time to get the ball rolling.  Maybe I’ll go ahead and drop that resume in Chronicle’s inbox- then sneak away from my responsible self for a moment to have a beer at The Summer Place.


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