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Last week I went to my first Vipassana course.  A Vipassana course is a free 10 day silent retreat where you learn Vipassana meditation, meditation of observation, the way of the Buddah, Dhamma.  There are centers all over the world.  I’ve wanted to go for years because I’ve never been able to meditate for more than 10 minutes at a time even though I’ve  recognized the inkling of a deep benefit in stillness.

I don’t want to share too much about the actual work of vipassana meditation.  The thought of extreme bordom might scare  you even though it isn’t boring, just tedious.  I also don’t want to share much about my experience because I don’t want it to color yours being that meditation is so deeply personal.  I will say that  I now have a much sharper and subtler mind than before.  Through my continuous practice I see the world with more love and compassion than I used to.  And this all takes work, diligent work.  Before I had always intellectualized knowing the body, awakening, etc.  Now I am working.  Now I am really experiencing some of these great truths in my body and in my life.  Very exciting.  Ithink anyone can benefit from one of these retreats.

Here is the website:
Goenka describing Vipassana Meditation:

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