Booze Update: 9 Dayz 0 Drank

So I haven’t had any more drinks, nor do I obsess over drinking the way I did in the beginning of my stint officially 27 days ago (27 dayz, 1 binge).  Initially I worried that all social events would be boring to me if I wasn’t drinking, that I would become boring to others.  People who are drinking and people who are not don’t mix, that’s what I thought.  I’m realizing lately that the truth of the matter is that some events are AWESOME while many don’t get me off.  I’m not suffering as an outcast, I’m suffering without my crimson veil, my beer goggles, my clumsy-dancy legs, the outfit I put on when the music is lame or I’m not part of a cordial entourage.  It is now my choice to take in the scene bare.  Lately, I feel less compelled to walk around with a glass of bitters and tonic.  I feel even less compelled to carry a beer.    I am starting to see that my relationship with alcohol is mine and nobody cares.

Last night I saw Arcade Fire at the Greek Theater and had the time of my life.  We rallied with a gaggle of Oaklanders who drunk-or-not made fantastic dance partners.  While I’m sure I will drink again (I LOVE wine-tasting.)  not drinking for these last several days is creating a shift in my perception.   I’m taking a lot more responsibility for my drinking/not-drinking than I did before.  In the future I just want to save up my weekday beer pennies for sick shows and adventures…  days and nights I want to be crazy awake for.  I like where this is going.


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