From “Sex and the City” to the Bachelor Pad

A great way to change 100’s of pictures from RGB to CMYK is to use a batch action in Photoshop.  An awesome way to get from Ocean Beach to Fulton is to hitch-hike.  The 5 is too crowded and slow, people driving home from the beach are generally mellow and kind.  A delicious way to make breakfast is to drench cous cous and dried figs in honey.  An absolute brilliant way to  save money is to move in with your boyfriend and his room-mate.  Right?

[chirp chirp]

Keenan and I are about to embark on yet another relationship milestone.  Beginning October 18th, I will be residing in the Orange House with Keenan and his best friend Josh, bringing my rent down to $450/mo less than I’m paying now.  They will each have an equivocal financial benefit.  All parties are content with this newfound flexibility in income.  But what about our relationship?  It will change, maybe drastically.  It might be really wonderful.  It could also be so bad.  The only thing that’s for certain is that it will change.

If  not for economic reasons, Keenan and I would probably prefer to extend our courtship, give ourselves maybe a full year of dating before exchanging keys but money is tight right now, probably for a lot of us.  practicality is not particularly romantic but that peace of mind of just a little more wiggle room  will probably open our hearts for more love, maybe not romance, but love.  Stress can be so toxic.

For now I’m doing my best bring homage to my current home, savoring what little time I have left in my downtown oasis.  Enjoying my very private Carrie Bradshaw-esque routines.  This is the first place I have ever rented on my own.  From the  moment I stepped  inside at the Open House last winter I was in love with the wood floors, the Hotel Huntington sign lighting the night sky, and the large granite kitchen.  I’ve made paintings in this space, friends who I cherish, I’ve published magazines, raised hermit crabs, shared some of my first moments with Keenan, made beautiful meals, love, you get the idea.  This studio is one of my favorite places in the world.   I think very soon, that same favoritism will lend itself to Orange House.


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