Robot Rock

Right now I’m finishing up my 6th issue of Mainline, the bi-monthly magazine I put together for San Francisco firefighters (I didn’t compose the infamous “No on B” flier by the way.  I wish I did.  It’s dooooope!).  I’m so close to putting this one to bed with only a couple articles left to lay out and some re-arranging/tweaking that can take minutes or hours, never can tell until it’s done.  It’s like making a painting when you’re holding about a million details in your mind, leaving them arranged one-by-one on the back  burners  and somehow when you resurrect them one -by-one, the initial detail has either multiplied or disappeared.  You never can tell.  Never can tell.

When a piece of art is finished it’s like magic, You can’t see your hand in it at all.  It’s like you were never there.  When a piece of digital art is finished, not only can I not see my hand at all, it appears as though it was made by a robot.

Oh my Jesus and after 10 hours of magazine layout is this little robot really gonna blog.  Yes, by god I am.

I drank red wine last night, I completed exactly one month of sobriety (excluding the one bourbon binge of course).  I’m glad I did it- the sober thing.  I felt the shift.  I was bored at a lot of parties, socially awkward at others but in the end I realized, shit, I should just be going to cooler events + plus, I don’t have to drink every time it’s socially acceptable.  I’m allowed to pick and choose.  Most importantly I learned I only have about a month’s worth of will-power when it comes to my vices.  Progress?  I think so.


I’ve been Groovesharking some fun music lately.  Namely Casiokids, Raphael Saadiq and an old Department of Eagles album called “The Cold Nose”.  Here are some sample tracks:


Raphael Saadiq

Department of Eagles

God, what will we do when music isn’t free anymore?


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