Malibou (Magil) pretend*

Malibou was sitting in the window licking her paw clean, flicking her tail like some cheap whore.   Avery sprawled in the corner like a sea slug swollen with leeches. Parts of him spattered on the molding, glued down with deep red. Avery was my favorite pet so I had no choice but to teach Malibou a lesson.

I approached her slowly. I didn’t need to be stealthy because she trusted me.  I could tell even at that moment by the way she stopped grooming and raised her chin to greet me. I just wanted to be tender, because even though she did a bad thing, I loved her. She began to pur, a very calm chant that put me to sleep on so many nights. I placed my fingertips on the bridge of her yellow nose and felt as she tilted her head back even further to help my fingers along between her eyes, to the crown of her head, to her neck where I took hold of her pink rhinestone collar.

I slung collar, cat and all toward the pile of Avery. Cats always land on their feet but not if you throw them into a wall. They hit and crush and mangle just like any other natural being.

I sat at my vanity for a while studying my hair and imagining what people might think of me if I didn’t have to wear glasses. I had a chance at contacts once but I couldn’t get them in at the doctor’s office, then my family ran out of cash and I never got a chance to go back and try again. Now I’m on my own, no money for things like that. I guess the glasses will have to do.

I can see my two pets resting behind me in my reflection. They look so peaceful. If only they could have acted that way before, I wouldn’t have to put them in jars them today.

I will give Malibou formaldehyde but not Avery. I want to watch him decompose.


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