I’m Having an Adele Day

…for the first time in months.  I woke up to the sound of Keenan’s early alarm and after a hug and kiss, I was home alone.

I put on my purple robe (nothing sexy, a terry-cloth fat-kid size with very short sleeves and a monkey playing bass on the back) and dug around the webs for new music.  I made some calls, did some work, put up dishes, made a peach pizza for noon-thirty breakfast and went costume shopping with Mary and Jesse on the Lower Haight shortly after.

Here’s when the good part happened.  Mary dropped me off a few blocks from my house so that I could walk home.  I passed by this mural full of black people singing, auras glowing.  There was a perfect fall breeze that shuffled the leaves on the trees and sidewalk.  The sunlight was twinkling all around and as if the good witch struck through my core I felt like, this is it.  This is right where I’m supposed to be.  I’m doing exactly what I should be doing in this moment.  My head was clear and I loved everything.  Then I just finished walking home, very slowly until I passed the mural of course.  I’m doing mundane tasks now but that feeling is still in me, that glow of, “Oh yeah, this is what’s up.”  This is what I am.  This is what I do.  This is what I love.  This is an Adele Day.

To commemorate this very special day, here is one of my favorite songs of all time.  Department of Eagles, In Ear Park.


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