Food I Like

Photo by: Sarah Marie Miller

I try to make “Food I Like” lists on days I’m happy.  It’s much harder on sad days.  On sad days, I don’t like any food.  I’m an “emotional-starver” (as in I lack appetite, not starving to death).  I need these lists to help me eat on days when I forget how.

polenta and chard. salmon with leeks. french toast. tunafish pasta. caramel corn.

The lists do not have to be healthy, just remind me that I love food.

macaroni and cheese. latte. hamburgers. pesto linguine. salmon patties. mashed potatoes. peas. tajine. chicken tiki masala. bruschetta. chai tea. chamomile tea. lapsang souchong.

The way I see food is consequent of the way I see life.  Sometimes I look in the pantry and think there is nothing, NOTHING to eat.  Even though there is a grocery store 1/2 a block away.

ice coffee. tahini and chips. raw macaroons. kombucha. goat cheese wontons. spaghetti. goji tea.

On a sad day I’ll look to cookbooks for inspiration to eat but the food is all so complicated, it’s better just to consult my lists.

Sometimes I draw a picture of each food as I think of it.  By the time I finish drawing I usually have another food come to mind, then slowly, a list.  My options are there, things I love are there on paper for me to acknowledge.  I can’t say there is nothing when I’m looking at a list of everything.

fish taco. baked chicken. chicken salad with golden raisins. black bean burritos. bagel with tomato and cream cheese.

I feel empowered writing down the food I enjoy. I think making a food list would make anyone happy.  Certain food brings to mind family, events, parties, nights on the couch alone knitting… the notion that you are what you eat.  What are you?

Here’s another song by Local Natives from their latest album, Gorilla Manor.  Love these guys.

… and something about 10 times more up-beat by Voxtrot, Keenan’s latest fave.


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